Our Core Value


We offer the best customer service and highest quality products available and become the most trusted company in the maritime IT solutions field.


Our aim is to fully satisfy of clients needs through our suite of IT services. Moreover, We are focused upon minimizing negative environmental effects and to set the sustainability standards for future generations of the maritime industry.


We Care

At Kairiki, we care about our customers and take the time to listen to their concerns and provide prompt, thoughtful solutions through the delivery of the best IT services. We care about our staff and provide a positive, healthy, creative work environment. We care about sustainability and are focused upon adhering to the highest environmental standards. At Kairiki we are awake to culture and gender issues and how these factors impact upon the life and treatment of others. Knowing this Kairiki is committed to fostering equality and justice not only within the company but throughout society.

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We Respect

We respect each human being and all nationalities. We respect the Maritime industry and the essential services it provides. We respect diversity and believe people are the well-spring of creativity and provide the power to create tomorrow.

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